Tolu Adedeji launches Tolu Adedeji’s Mentoring Community (T.M.C)

Mentorship remains a global framework of personal development and growth.

Tolu Adedeji has benefitted from several mentors in her career spanning almost 2 decades and institutionalised a structure to pay it forward with the Tolu Adedeji’s Mentoring community. (T.M.C)

TMC kicked off on April 10, 2020 with a telegram group of aspiring mentees. Stage 1 was an introductory stage with almost 150 mentees. Within the period, there was a virtual coaching session on career development that happened in April 2020 with Mrs Adedeji.

TMC stage 2 started in June 2020 with 58 mentees that qualified from stage 1.

Stage 2, is structured to include more virtual coaching sessions, peer coaching in groups and limited one on one sessions and initiatives to foster career and skills development on the community.

The journey continues for T.M.C.

Meet Some TMC members

Fauxel from Pexels. Image credit

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